My unwavering passion for the Jaguar brand has led me over the years to dedicate a large part of my artistic practice to the inspiration I get from the fantastic Jaguar lines.
As an artist it is difficult to see the Jaguar only as a car and for me it encompasses a whole world of history and elegance, models that are the envy of the whole world and, for many people like me, a dream.
My contribution is to pay homage to these splendid creations of design with objects reproduced completely by hand in unique one off sculptures.
These range from sculptures of the front of the XK120 to a sink that turns into on E type right up to a 6 mt high pyramid in aluminum with the jaguar leaper on top.
Hidden away I have a dream for an ambitious project that would require the collaboration of the heads of this magnificent company. I hope that one day this dream will be realized.
For now my my quest is to find other enthusiasts like me with whom to share my work.
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