• Alessandra Politi Pagnoni attends the Artistic High School in Monza (Milano) and the Academy of Belle Arti in Brera, Milano.

  • In 1987 she moves to Versilia, Tuscany, the marble homeland, beginning her apprenticeship in Gigi Guadagnucci’s studio.

  • Later she is hosted at Giorgio Angeli’s studio for six years.

  • In 1993 she opens her own studio in the countryside outside Pietrasanta.

  • In 1996 she establishes the Associazione Italiana Volume.

  • In 1998 she begins a collaboration with the Art Gallery La Subbia in Pietrasanta.

  • In 2005 she collaborates with the Gallery Accademia of Turin.

  • Since 2016 she is collaborating with the Gallery Paola Raffo Arte Contemporanea of Pietrasanta.